Our Fellows

2019 COMPASS Fellows

Sanjay Jolly, University of Pennsylvania

Sanjay Jolly is a joint degree candidate (Ph.D. / J.D.) at the Annenberg School and Penn Law. His primary research areas are media history, political economy, and freedom of expression. Prior to coming to the University of Pennsylvania, he was a Fulbright Scholar based in Ecuador, where he studied the implementation of media reform laws in South America. Jolly has been an advocate for social movement media in both the US and Latin America, including as policy director of the Prometheus Radio Project in Philadelphia. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan’s Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy. This summer, Sanjay will be a fellow at Public Knowledge.

Antoine Haywood, University of Pennsylvania

Antoine Haywood is a doctoral student at the Annenberg School for Communication. Prior to studying at Annenberg, he spent fifteen years working in public access television and community radio in Atlanta and Philadelphia. During his professional career, he has played an active role in building the field of community media through his work with the Alliance for Community Media, National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture, Allied Media Project, Rockwood Leadership Institute, Media Action Grassroots Network, and the Youth Media Reporter. Antoine holds a B.A. in English from Morehouse College and an M.A. in Media Studies from the New School University and his research interests include media activism, public policy reform, and community-based models for access to education. Beyond his extensive work as a media activist, he is also a video producer, guitarist, and vinyl DJ. Antoine is a proud native of West Palm Beach, Florida. This summer, Antoine will be a fellow at the Alliance For Community Media.

Florence Madenga, University of Pennsylvania

Florence Madenga is a PhD student at the Annenberg School for Communication — University of Pennsylvania. She is interested in journalistic practice broadly and comparatively construed, freedom of expression and media policy, censorship issues, and propaganda. She also explores the evolution and boundaries of media and identity as it pertains to expanding globalization as well as new and old conceptualizations of “nationalisms.” Prior to joining her doctoral program, Florence worked as a freelance writer both from the United States and internationally, and her work has appeared on BuzzFeed, in Chimurenga, Narratively, and other publications. She holds a B.A. in journalism and political science from New York University, and also received an interdisciplinary M.A. from NYU, where she wrote her thesis on the intersection of hate media, sexual violence, international media law, and the Rwanda genocide. This summer, Florence will be a fellow at the United States Agency for Global Media in the Office of Policy and Research.

Ryan Wang, Pennsylvania State University 

Ryan Wang is a first-year Ph.D. student in Mass Communications at the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications at the Pennsylvania State University. He received his master degree in media studies at the University of Texas at Austin. His scholarship aids culturally inclusive considerations that alleviate digital inequities with a social scientific approach. Specifically, he investigates how communication technologies are shaping communities economically, politically and culturally both on macro and micro level. His current research interest dwells in the digital inequality and community engagement among marginalized social groups, including low-income families, ethnic minority communities and immigrant neighborhoods; digital literacy and community development, especially on social support, health information seeking and well-being; telecommunication policy and the infrastructure of digital systems, including internet access and broadband services in both rural and urban contexts. This summer, he will be a fellow at the National Digital Inclusion Alliance.

Past COMPASS Fellows


Chioma Woko, University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs

Maria Skouras, University of Texas at Austin, Advisory Council for Public Diplomacy

Christoph Mergerson, Rutgers University, Brookings Institution.

Chloé Nurik, University of Pennsylvania, Federal Communications Commission

Azeb Madebo, University of Southern California, Ranking Digital Rights

Danyel Ferrari, Rutgers University, The U.S. National Committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites

Lauren Bridges, University of Pennsylvania, Open Markets Institute

Yang Bai, Pennsylvania State University, National Digital Inclusion Alliance


Thomas Billard, University of Southern California, National Center for Transgender Equality
Richelle Crotty, University of Texas – Austin, Free Press
Nathaniel Ming Curran, University of Southern California, Korean Economic Institute of America
Eric Forbush, University of Pennsylvania, Brookings Institution
Anna Loup, University of Southern California, Center for Democracy and Technology
Paul Popiel, University of Pennsylvania, Free Press
Emily Saidel, University of Michigan, National Association of Broadcasters
Jana Wilbricht, University of Michigan, National Digital Inclusion Alliance
Joseph Yoo, University of Texas – Austin, New America/Ranking Digital Rights


Hyeri Jung, University of Texas – Austin, USC Annenberg Center on Communication Leadership and Policy
Hyun Tae (Calvin) Kim, University of Southern California, Sister Cities International
Jillian Kwong, University of Southern California, National Institutes of Health
Rachel E. Moran, University of Southern California, Campaign Legal Center
Revati Prasad, University of Pennsylvania, New America Foundation & Ranking Digital Rights
Matt Reichel, Rutgers University, Free Press
Sonia Jawaid Shaikh, University of Southern California, World Bank
Alex Williams, University of Pennsylvania, Pew Research Center


Opeyemi Akanbi, University of Pennsylvania, New America Foundation
Alexis D. Schrubbe, University of Texas – Austin, Common Cause


Douglas Allen, University of Pennsylvania, Information Technology & Innovation Foundation
Cat Duffy, University of Southern California, Department of Health and Human Services
Katherine Elder, University of Southern California, National Institute of Health
Michelle Forelle, University of Southern California, Common Cause
Brandon Golob, University of Southern California, Institute for Public Representation – Georgetown Law
Nicole Hentrich, University of Michigan, National Center for Lesbian Rights
Nathalie Marechal, University of Southern California, New America Foundation
Aalok Mehta, University of Southern California, Public Knowledge
Angeline Sangalang, University of Southern California, Department of Health and Human Services
Xin Wang, University of Southern California, World Bank
Alex Williams, University of Pennsylvania, Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism


Deepti Chittamuru, University of Pennsylvania, World Bank
Nikita Hamilton, University of Southern California, Common Cause
Tim Libert, University of Pennsylvania, New America Foundation
Aalok Mehta, University of Southern California, Free Press
Kitior Ngu, University of Michigan, New America Foundation
Benjamin Pearson, University of Michigan, Internews
Laura Silver, Penn Annenberg placed at State Department


Katie Allen, University of Pennsylvania, Internews
Katherine Holland, University of California – Santa Barbara, Consumers Union
Dam Hee Kim, University of Michigan, Federal Communications Commission
Aalok Mehta, University of Southern California, New America Foundation
Brice Nixon, University of Colorado – Boulder, Media and Democracy Coalition
Jaclyn Selby,  University of Southern California, Center for Democracy and Technology
Jason Smith, George Mason University, New America Foundation
Sarah Stonbely, New York University, New America Foundation


Russ Newman, University of Southern California, Federal Communications Commission


Seyram Avle, University of Michigan, Internews and the Aspen Institute
George Nardis, University of Michigan, Alliance for Community Media


Ann-Katrin Arnold, University of Pennsylvania, World Bank
Matt Blanchard, University of Pennsylvania, Federal Communications Commission
Brett Bumgarner, University of Pennsylvania, Representative Maurice Hinchey‘s office (D-NY)
Russ Newman, University of Southern California, New America Foundation
Elliot Panek, University of Michigan, Media and Democracy Coalition
Olesya Venger, University of Pennsylvania, Center for Digital Democracy
William Youmans, University of Michigan, Senator Bernie Sanders’ Office (I-VT)


Hope Cummings, University of Michigan, Representative Maurice Hinchey‘s office (D-NY)
Antonio Lambino, University of Pennsylvania, World Bank
Sascha Meinrath, University of Illinois, Telecommunications Fellow (long term fellowship)
Russ Newman, University of Southern California, Senator Dick Durbin’s office (D-IL)
Mario Rodriguez, University of Pennsylvania, Senator Bernie Sanders’ Office (I-VT)


Brian Dolber, University of Illinois, Representative Diane Watson’s office (D-CA)
Kamilla Kovacs, University of Illinois, Representative Maurice Hinchey’s office (D-NY)


Victor Pickard, University of Illinois, Representative Diane Watson’s office (D-CA)


Ben Scott, University of Illinois, Representative Bernie Sanders‘ Office (I-VT)